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£40000 – £49000/annum Plus package

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Job Title: Measurement Surveyor
Reports to: Survey Manager (if on site); otherwise Project Manager for HR report.
Location: Site based Aylesbury area
Salary up to £49,000
Background and purpose of the role: Surveyors are the backbone of our set-out and measuring activities that underpin the business. In general, all of our sites are controlled via 3D machine control and survey is all via GPS. There will be occasion where traditional set-out is required such as batter rails etc so you will need to be proficient with these however, the core skill set will be proficiency staking and measuring using Trimble, Leica and TopCon systems. The role's purpose is to measure the work as it progresses including OGL survey's prior to commencement of works in new areas as well as maintenance of key visual setting out measures including limits of excavation and services protection.
The role will be supported by the Surveyor leads, however, it is assumed at this level, that the role is largely free of 'hand holding' and that the person will be fully competent in the use of their equipment including the necessary day to day calibrations and maintenance of the equipment. In the office, the Surveyor will be responsible for the clean-up and handover of the survey information in the appropriate modelling software as directed by the Survey Manager. Most usually, this will include ensuring naming conventions are consistent with the survey manuals, and proper layer information is included in the finished files. It is expected that this role will produce survey information for the Survey Leads and/or Managers to load into their models for use without having to make any adjustments. In so doing, the postholder will be instrumental in achieving the Company's mission statement in accordance with the Company's values which are: Mission statement:
* Responsible: Sharing ownership and accountability for Project outcomes at strategic, corporate and individual levels by engendering a collaborative, honest and transparent approach.
* Respectful: Emphasising the wellbeing of those whom we encounter by understanding and
recognising the sensitivities and values of other Project parties, stakeholders as well as our people.
* Relentless: Adopting a high energy delivery-focused approach throughout the life cycle of the
Project without falter.
* Resilient: Ensure that we persevere when challenges and obstacles arise, which we expect in the unpredictable nature of earthmoving.
Accountability: You will be responsible and accountable for the collection of survey information in the field with the
use of hand-held surveying equipment both GPS and Total Station. You will also be responsible for
the setting out of the earthworks in the field including traditional techniques such as batter rails but
more commonly, the 'flagging up' of key visual marks such as limits of excavation and service
protection lines.
In detail you will:
1. Be proficient with GPS and Total Station based surveying including:
a. Use of Trimble Roads
b. Set-up and daily calibrations of equipment
c. Basic survey technique including maintaining your own quality control through the
appropriate use of foresight and backsight observations at the beginning and end of
any body of work (this will include choosing appropriate GPS measurement techniques
such as longer duration observations and/or multiple observations)
d. Ability to establish a UTS position via re-section from known benchmarks
e. Ability to traverse a UTS to establish new benchmarks including QA assessment of the
traverse quality and subsequent traverse adjustment
2. Maintain the equipment assigned to you in good working order including vehicles
3. Accountable for handing over survey information to the lead surveyor:
a. On time (you will be responsible for providing forecasts of job duration when setting
the deadlines)
b. In accordance with the site survey manual requirements with attention to naming
conventions and completeness requirements
c. Accurate set-out
4. Post process survey information collated in the field ready for volume calculations or Quality
Assurance sign offs.
Key competencies: Qualifications, experience, and behaviours required Essential:
 Competent with Earthworks modelling software. Minimum 2 years' experience of working with software in the industry. Specific software packages to be set by the Survey Manager [usually this will be LSS]. Competence is required in the upload and QA treatment of the survey information prior to hand-off to the Survey lead or manager.
 Experience as Surveyor in civil engineering 2 years minimum
 Demonstrate competence with technical surveying tasks including traverses and adjustments  Demonstrate understanding of the core earthworks process and the key points where surveys undertaken
 Basic Excel for post processing of survey data and production of volume calculations


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