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Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Aspiring Youth Worker Aylesbury- Education and Training – Aspiring Youth Worker Aylesbury- Immediate starts in January /February

ABA Trainee/LSA role – Immediate start, 5 days a week, 8:30 to 4:30 with training taking place between 3:30-4:30. If you are looking to develop your skills and insight, being set in a context with Autistic children will enable you to build experience and qualify/disqualify the sector for yourself.

A new Learning Support Role, based in a specialist provision specialising in Social, Emotional and Mental Health in Aylesbury- This role is ideal for a graduate with genuine aspirations in Youth advocacy and Youth justice.

If you have aspirations in Health and Social Care, Youth and Community, Youth justice and advocacy in general, this role can provide you great foundations.

Before we even discuss the role, it is important we discuss your objectives. This is a very challenging role, it is very important that you know your objectives, why you want to work within mental health and youth advocacy.

The role is set in a mixed provision for secondary aged pupils all with EHCPS for their mental health. There will be such a diverse range of boys and contexts, backgrounds and personalities, no one day will ever be the same. Being able to raise student's attainment is very important, that will only happen through restoratives processes and where you can create empathy. You will not be able to achieve anything socially, or academically, with empathy in place, brought about by having restorative & ABA methods in place.

Can you keep these children safe and can you demonstrate the value of an education?

Many of the children you will work with will have been through significant trauma, this LSA role is about giving them options to have objectives, in course, making positive decisions that may keep them out of gangs or changing their attitudes towards sex – just 2 examples.

Sincerity is a major key in this role, your objectives within youth advocacy and social justice could well come to the fore, restorative processes will form the foundations of this. You will not achieve much without it.

Aspiring Youth Worker Aylesbury- Education and Training

11-19 Secondary aged students all with EHCPs for their mental health – some students will also have Autism, Complex Social Needs, OCD, verbal and non-verbal children

**Higher level of cognitive learning, combined with complex social anxiety

**Key elements of working with academically capable students, working through restorative

**Number of Therapies introduced and holistic processes, a little progress is a cause for success here

** Pathological Demand Avoidance and Pervasive developmental disorder

**Positive engagement, giving the children a sense of acceptance, talking therapy will not always work here so different approaches required

**Giving the students objectives and as much independence as is possible, especially if the students are in assisted

Aspiring Youth Worker Aylesbury- Education and Training – Aspiring Youth Worker-Aylesbury


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